Thursday, October 11, 2012

At the Studio

Half of the Studio. Different mood swings due to being a cancer and my mood right now is workaholic.  I need to go back to work. Mood of the day....creative/art.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Adventures: Griffith Observatory

It was quite interesting going to the Griffith Observatory and being an adult. I remember going as a kid and seeing the stars but that was it. So taking my kids was a total flashback for me. Cash loved the Hollywood sign. Ndey loved all the information inside. I promised the kids we would make homemade a sun dale again thank God for Google. And Hunter was into not being in the stroller. The view was amazing. Next trip has to be a hike without Baby Hunter. It just shows you how much nature LA has to offer.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Hobby

I have been a little addicted to photoshop but when I saw my sister pull out the seamless paper at my mom's house, I said I need want that in my house. So here it is if you come by know that there will be a small photo op. And when you leave a full photoshop session after with a blog post at the end. Here are my new victims. Still learning and since I am a stay at home mom first, I will have to be self taught. Thank God for blogs, Google, Youtube, and major practice.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Adventures: Beach

We went to the beach and it was really relaxing. We ran into another PTA mom from the kids' school and other friends from school, and a teacher and her family (not planned at all). And I thought the day couldn't get any better with having adult company we had dolphins visit us for atleast an hour. And I mean there had to be more then ten out there and if I knew how to swim I would had personal physical contact. That's how close they were.

Adventures of Summertime with Mom

Summer time is at full effect which means me (MOM) working full time. So here we go. Our first trip was of course Hollywood if you are from LA. Cash has never been on the strip of stars so you know he was star struck to see Bumble Bee because he thinks that he was the true celebrity forget Tom Hanks or Joan Rivers, Spiderman is here. Ndey was disappointed when I told her we are not buying anything so dont ask. That was a very hard task for a ten year old with 100 souvenir shops all over the place selling the same thing. Her highlight was seeing Micheal Jackson's star and Kat Von D's Shop. I forgot my camera so Ndey brought her Itouch and took a million pictures. Vine and Hollywood is amazing compare to what I saw when I was ten....nothing like Hollywood.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The day and life of me just in the morning time, right before we must get ready for the day. My day starts at 6am everyday and ends sometimes at 10pm depending on if Im motivated to create, read, or just talk to the hubby.
Lucky Charm Necklace created to represent my Husband, Lucky.